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Praise for "Matryoshka"

Send Me Your Ears

The whole track has a nostalgic, 60s feel as it floats along in your ears. When the vocals come in, they are gentle, warm and inviting. The voice and general style of the song reminded us very much of Donovan. There are patches of Isaac Slade (The Fray) and David Gray in the voice as well. It is a very listenable voice that is charming, earnest and endearing.

Katrina Yang - The Punkhead

Calon’s poignant lyrics written from an autobiographical standpoint are a masterpiece themselves. Only through poetry can one articulate the intricacy and drastic. The ethereal, soft and illuminating soundscapes give it an even more sensible touch, finishing off with a beautifully well-crafted and immersive acoustic world. There seem to be wind bells chiming in the background, though they aren’t physically in the track. Calon creates such a dreamful atmosphere while his voice explores all the raw and tender feelings. “Matryoshka,” the wonderful song written from the heart feels too special to end.

Mesmerized - Gabriel Mazza

Debuting in 2020, the London creative instantly showcased a knack for acoustic, soothing and evocative material, perfectly fitting his dynamic, slightly gritty vocal tone. When you put it all together, it is clear Calon’s on to something worthwhile. How could it not be? In an industry where records sound artificial and crowded more often than not, the British songwriter is a breath of fresh air, a hypnotising analogue distraction in a synthetic world.

TJPL News - Freddie McKee

Calon brings a new sound into the indie space. ‘Matryoshka’ is soft, yet bold. The sounds layer over one another and form a 70s vibe-shifting track that captures emotion with a golden presence. The acoustic rattles in the bleak. The percussion is minimal but lets you feel that subtle beat. Electric guitars pluck from rounded tones. It’s solemn, lonely. But a voice can be heard in the distance. As it approaches the music swells. Soon the way before you is clouded in colour and you fall into the song. It’s simply fantastic. Performed with such grace and sung with such potency.

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