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"Failure is Necessary"

If you go to the gym, you might have heard something called “training to failure”, this is where we repeat an exercise to the point of momentary muscular failure, and it trains the highest possible number of muscle fibers. This is one of the principles of muscle growth.

After your session, there's a good chance that the next day, and possibly the day after, you feel a little sore, but providing you give yourself the necessary care and nutrition, you will become stronger the next time you exercise.

If you’re a musician, at times you’re going to be faced with failure. You aren’t always going to get the gig, or the festival slot, or even the playlist for the new song you’re releasing. It can be disheartening, but worst of all, it can feel permanent and a part of "who we are".

However, when you allow yourself the proper rest, you become more resilient and can embrace the next opportunity with a renewed sense of vigour. With every failure or mistake, we acquire knowledge for what we can do next time, and overall it’s an experience in going out of our comfort zone.

Compared with success, failure can teach us a lot more about ourselves as it shows us how we react when things don’t go our way. Who do we end up blaming? Is it ourselves, or someone else? We can either get bitter, or move on and stay focused on the things that we can control.

Sometimes we're just not the right fit for a particular opportunity, but it doesn't mean that we can't succeed at the next one. We need to remind ourselves that this is "the hard work" and that is indeed worth pursuing.

Overall, failing at something is better than never trying at all. We aren't the amount of times we fall down, but rather the amount of times that we get back up.

Whether it's training at the gym or navigating the world as an independent artist, sometimes you need to fail in order to grow.

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