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Blurred photograph of Calon in red light holding a blue Matryoshka


“Calon” is the artist name for Adam Lewis, a Welsh musician now based in South-East London. Hailing from a small village called Mumbles, his first brush with singing was through his secondary school Eisteddfod (a Welsh festival celebrating arts and culture). Though anxious being in front of people (let alone singing in front of a room of school kids), it proved to be a decisive moment and was no doubt the start of his musical journey.


At age 13, he began learning guitar with a focus on classic rock bands such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and The Who, most of which he would hum along to on his morning bus ride to school. From age 19 he started songwriting more seriously and consistently, he took influence from the likes of Jeff Buckley, Elliot Smith, Radiohead and later developed an affinity for Jazz/Bossanova guitar rhythms. Buckley proved to be a massive influence not only vocally but also in song structure and thematic elements. After moving to London in 2017, he threw himself into the live music scene playing open mics, gigs and networking with likeminded artists and creatives.


Calon’s style of music primarily focus on themes like love, self-development and what it means to live in modern society. His first 4 singles were released between 2020 & 2022 and touched on themes of group identity (‘Feral’), existential questions about the self ('Under Blue Sky'), relationship catharsis (‘Reign of Cameos’) and what he calls a “a love song for people who’ve not found love yet” (‘Familiar’).


As with many other performers, the national lockdown in March 2020 halted live performance opportunities and this led him to return to his hometown in Wales, with the primary focus being on songwriting and honing his craft. With most of his time devoted to a 9-5 WFH capacity and writing music in the evenings, he managed to write and finish 14 new songs in 7 months, some of which have been mainstays on his setlist up till now.


In January 2023, Calon released ‘Matryoshka’, his 5th single release; inspired by the ending of a momentary relationship, the track explores the reminiscences of a lover wanting to move on, but struggling to do so as he reflects. It is a sobering look on a love that once was, but also the kind of love that teaches us a lot about ourselves and who we can be.

On May 26, his second single "Carving Pumpkins" was released. This crisp jazz-folk piece sees the Calon harking back to a post-Halloween eve spent in the throes of a failing romance, the titular act serving as a past memory. Acting as a vehicle to unrequited love, it details the pain of knowing that taking the difficult steps to move on is the only way forward. It encapsulates in just over 3 minutes how love can sometimes leave us with more questions than answers.


These long-awaited songs will feature on a 6-track EP due for release in late-2023/early-2024


Calon has previously supported acts such as The Heavy Heavy, Sans Soucis, Neev and Anna Nokomis. 

In Welsh, “Calon” can loosely mean several things such as Spirit, Centre and Emotion, but literally translates as “Heart”, something which is reflected in the emotive and honest nature of his original songwriting.



Want to learn more about Calon, his music, and future tour dates? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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